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Local councils, schools and colleges, and a wide range of local, regional and national advertisers choose to advertise in Local Life’s magazines, because they know how popular and how widely read Local Life is in the local area.

We consistently produce quality magazines to gain the trust and respect of our readers. Every issue of Local Life includes local news, history features, local walks, competitions, puzzles and other features, all wrapped in a B5 sized, perfect-bound magazine that our readers invariably read, retain and refer to until the next issue arrives. The ongoing strength our relationship with our readers directly benefits our advertisers and we have several hundred regular advertisers as a result.

Another key reason for our growth over the past fifteen years is the efficiency and transparency of our distribution. We recently introduced GPS technology to track our entire distribution operation and, in addition to this, we give every customer or potential customer access a complete set of our distribution maps, right down to street level. Unique is not a word to use lightly, but that level of transparency is truly unique in the publishing field.

No other quality print publication in Wigan comes anywhere near to reaching our 27,000 coverage in this area, whilst the 13,500 copies we deliver in St. Helens includes several key areas where Local Life is the only print publication delivered to door-to-door. Cost-effectively reaching rural areas in West Lancashire and Chorley has stymied many publishers over the years, and whilst delivering to rural nature of our Villages distribution area is a challenge, it is one that our distribution operation can accomplish.

Many of our advertisers return to us, year after year, simply because advertising in Local Life works for them. Can we help you promote your business or organisation?



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Magazine Deadlines

Click here to check out our deadlines for 2023/2024. Please call us today on 01695 627999 to book your space.

Please note that deadline dates are a guide only and we reserve the right to change these dates at any time. 

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